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Ponsonby Shoe Exibition

Shoe Extravaganza was beautiful Event with 30 shoe designs in the display. They are beautiful and very creative.

Designers Sue Engles, Andia Abernet, Fifi Colston, Barbara Balley,Sue Engles, Olivia Bradley, Hannah Bradshaw, Bella Brant, Jemima Hamilton, Sarah Pitts, Kate Seagar,Sofia Kent, kiki Wang., Virginia Tatton,, Samantha Hughs, Sabina East, Flora Knight, Steven Park, Larisa Ivanova, Beatrice Carlson, Robin Gibbson,, Bev Goodwin, Turumeke, Anna Heys,Robin Gibson, Virginia Tutton, Beatrice Carlson, Daniella Moore, Sally Blythe.

Please see some of my favorite shoe designs: very colorful and beautifully creatively designed.

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